This man proposes to his girlfriend after he posts his $10,000 bond

This man proposes to his girlfriend after he posts his $10,000 bond

Apparently, bonding out of jail felt like the perfect time for 32-year-old Keegan Casteel to propose to his girlfriend. Casteel, who was arrested after storing weapons and ammunition in his Chicago hotel room this weekend, posted a $10,000 bond yesterday. 

About two hours later, in the middle of the street, Casteel popped the question. His partner, whose name has not been released, could be seen accepting his proposal, taking the ring and embracing her boyfriend. 

According to authorities, Casteel’s new fiancé, and the children they share together, were all in Chicago as a family before the arrest. 

The superintendent of the Chicago Police Department lauded the housekeeper who notified officials about the weapons in the room, saying that the employee “likely prevented tragedy from happening.” 

So is a wedding or jail time in Casteel’s future?

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