Texas woman faces a felony charge for not returning a VHS tape


Texas woman faces a felony charge for not returning a VHS tape
Image Source: CBS News

Caron McBride, a former Oklahoma resident, faced a felony embezzlement charge for not returning “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” to a movie rental store in Norman in 1999. McBride learned about the felony charge when she tried to change her name on her driver’s license after getting married in Texas. 

McBride tried to make an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles under restrictions put in place during the coronavirus pandemic but received an email back that she had an “issue in Oklahoma.” She then called the reference number provided, which connected to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office. A woman over the phone told McBride that she had been charged with felony embezzlement of rented property in March 2000.

Court documents available online showed that McBride was accused of never returning “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” on VHS tape to a “Movie Place” in Norman, Oklahoma, in 1999. Records show the video rental store closed in 2008, the Cleveland County Assessor’s Office said. The Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office agreed to drop the case against McBride on Wednesday. The charge was filed under a previous district attorney.

McBride will still need to get her case expunged to clear her record. McBride said she now suspects the felony embezzlement charge was to blame after having been rejected from at least five jobs over the past 20 years without being given a reason. “This is why,” she told local media. “Because when they ran my criminal background check, all they’re seeing is those two words: felony embezzlement.”

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