Jake Wagner pleads guilty to killing his ex and 7 members of her family

Jake Wagner pleads guilty
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Jake Wagner pleads guilty to killing his ex and 7 members of her family

Jake Wagner, being taken into custody
Image Source: Journal News

In 2016, a grisly crime spread terror across a small Ohio community. It led to rumors of drug dealers—even hit men. But in the end, as we are learning, what really went down was a very ugly custody dispute. 

Yesterday, Edward “Jake” Wagner plead guilty in the murder of his daughter’s mother, Hanna Rhoden, and seven other members of her family. 

“I am guilty, your honor,” Wagner calmly told the judge again and again, as Judge Randy Deering read each count aloud. There were 23 counts in total. 

He also agreed to provide full cooperation in the cases the state is building against his parents and his brother. 

It took nearly two years for police to put all of the pieces together, but finally, justice will be served. Here’s what’s happened since this story first started making headlines.

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Stock futures point to a market rebound

April is winding down, which means so is earnings season, but some of the big players haven’t reported theirs yet. 

The second quarter has been off to a very solid start.

The Dow and S&P 500 are on track for their third month of gains with both indexes seeing record highs this month already. 

Meanwhile, the Nasdaq is hoping to see gains for the sixth consecutive month.

The week ahead will have 1/3 of the Dow and S&P 500 reporting.

Which big players are we expecting?

Inflation will continue to be a major talking point in the week ahead, especially with the Fed’s monetary policy meeting taking place on Wednesday.

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And if you’re not retired yet, don’t discount these tips altogether. Knowing what you want to do after retirement can help you budget so you’re never stuck in a rut. Start looking now so you know what to save!

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Despite our best intentions, we have all been here—don’t judge!

Parenting is not an easy task. Those who have done it will know that’s a fact. Despite our best intentions, it can sometimes go a little awry, and minor mistakes can be made with the poor little kiddies on the receiving end.

Here’s a list of relatable parenting fails—nothing serious. Start your day off with only slightly giggles at these totally relatable situations.

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More than 100 people are feared dead as boat capsizes in Mediterranean

A rubber boat capsized off of the coast of Libya
Image Source: NY Times / Flavio Gasperini / SOS Méditerranée

The rubber boat was thought to be carrying 130 migrants that were attempting to flee to Europe. A humanitarian group the SOS Méditerranée located the capsized boat after an extensive search. The group was unable to find any survivors. Extremely rough seas were expected to have caused the accident.  

“We think of the lives that have been lost and of the families who might never have certainty as to what happened to their loved ones,” SOS Méditerranée released in a statement. 

This is the latest accident in a string of tragedies in the Mediterranean as more people attempt to cross the dangerous waters in search of a better life in Europe. A staggering 350 lives have been lost this year so far. The SOS Méditerranée is calling into question whose responsibility it is to save lives at sea and is demanding other countries to help with the growing issue.

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