Plane at the bottom of a California late is not from 1965 crash

Plane at the bottom of a California late is not from 1965 crash

A small plane recently spotted by sonar at the bottom of a Northern California lake is not the wreck of an aircraft that disappeared into the water after a midair collision in 1965. The possibility arose last week when the wreckage was spotted by technicians testing sonar equipment at Folsom Lake.

Dive team sergeants from the Placer and El Dorado County sheriff’s offices went out with the technicians to obtain better images, and they determined it is an airplane that crashed in 1986. The 1986 crash was reported and did not involve any fatalities. 

The earlier crash occurred on New Year’s Day 1965. One plane managed to land safely at an airport, but the other plunged into Folsom Lake. Remains of its pilot were recovered, but the bodies of the three passengers were not found.

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