Is the infrastructure bill a sign of President Biden’s bipartisan power?

Is the infrastructure bill a sign of President Biden's bipartisan power?

With President Joe Biden scoring a victory with the three-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, many experts say the real win was the President’s ability to rally both sides of the aisle to support the controversial bill. 

In the end, the President and his administration were able to persuade 19 Republicans in the Senate to support the plan through their vote. Some say that passing a plan of this magnitude with such strong bipartisan support is a clear indication that Biden’s negotiations worked and that Republicans are willing to listen to and work with him on major issues facing the country. 

Experts also say the ability to get 19 Republicans on board with the plan showcases Biden’s bipartisan power, which could be a strong suit that could serve him well in his Presidency. Still, others believe the bipartisan support of the plan was a fluke and does not indicate Biden’s ability to rally the troops for a greater cause, regardless of their political affiliation. 

So, do most experts believe Biden really holds some incredible bipartisan power, or do they think this was just a one-off that won’t materialize into anything else? 

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