How can the White House address the rise in violent crime?

Is Joe Biden finally going to visit the condo collapse site in Florida?

America is experiencing a sharp increase in violent crime rates all across the country. And while White House officials say violent crime rates are still well below the rates of previous decades, the increase is significant enough that Americans and politicians alike are calling on President Biden and his team to address the issue. 

Biden is expected to explain his administration’s new crime prevention strategy today, as Americans are reeling from a rash of recent mass shootings and other violent crimes. Violence has even spilled over into the political arena, after a mayoral candidate’s assistant in New York was recently stabbed multiple times in the Bronx. 

The murder rate in the United States stands at 6.2 per every 100,000, which is up significantly from the previous year of 5 per 100,000. 

As the violent crime and murder rates continue to climb across the country, could this pose a threat for democrats and the upcoming midterm elections?

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