Donald Trump’s big endorsement didn’t sway Texas voters after all

Donald Trump's big endorsement didn't sway Texas voters after all

One of Donald Trump’s biggest political tests on his potential road back to the White House came this week when a Texas election determined what type of influence the former President may still have on voters. 

After one of the most hotly contested elections in Texas, a special runoff between Republican Jake Ellzey and Trump-backed Republican Susan Wright, political experts were stunned with the results late Tuesday. In the end, Ellzey pulled off the upset victory, leaving many to wonder if Trump’s influence is quickly fading with Republican voters. 

Even without Trump’s endorsement, Ellzey was able to raise $1.2 million in campaign funds, which was nearly double what Wright was able to raise for her campaign. 

Though Trump pulled out all the stops to help drum up votes for Wright, she not only lost the election, but voter turnout was extremely poor.

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