Bipartisan group reaches agreement on $1.2 trillion “hard” infrastructure bill

Bipartisan group reaches agreement on .2 trillion

After weeks of long nights and endless Zoom calls, a bipartisan group of senators finally reached a deal on “the major issues” in their $1.2 trillion “hard” infrastructure package, GOP senators involved in the talks announced Wednesday.

This is important because the entire argument between parties has been over what qualifies as infrastructure — and therefore, what powers to give to the federal government rather than the states. Republicans have also been hesitant to spend as much money as Biden has been calling for, as that means raising taxes.

It could be days before the group finishes writing the bill, but the Senate can begin debating the legislation in earnest now that they have resolved the outstanding issues. The bill needs 60 votes to advance in the Senate.

Here’s what you need to know about the bill.

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