American swimmer complains about doping after losing to Russians

American swimmer complains about doping after losing to Russians

After losing to Russian swimmers in two races at the Olympics, American backstroke star Ryan Murphy said that doping remains a considerable problem in the sport. Adding to that, he said he wonders if all his competitors are clean. Murphy revealed his frustration after taking the silver medal behind Evgeny Rylov in the 200-meter backstroke.

Rylov, who has long been one of the world’s top backstrokers, denied being involved in any doping schemes. “I have always been for clean competition,” he said through a translator. “I’m tested. I fill out all the forms. I’m for clean sport. I’ve been devoting my whole life to this (sport).”

After Murphy’s comments, the Russian Olympic Committee issued a scathing statement on social media saying their country was the victim of “English-language propaganda” spread by “athletes offended by defeats.”

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