Man going door to door looking for work ends up killing woman

Man going door to door looking for work ends up killing woman

A man who went around a neighborhood looking for work was described by residents as “very polite but suspicious.”

Wearing a camouflage baseball cap with a shirt draped over his shoulder, he carried a water bottle on the warm day and walked door to door seeking “community service work” in Clarksville, Indiana, neighbors told detectives.

The detectives were searching for clues in the gruesome killing of 67-year-old Melody Gambetty, a former employee of the News and Tribune who retired in March, the local newspaper reported.

Firefighters rushed to her apartment Wednesday as smoke floated from behind her door. As they entered, the firefighters moved a body on the floor and realized Gambetty had been decapitated. She was missing most of her fingers and all of her toes, police said.

What was the motive for the unspeakable act?

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