A shocking discovery was made inside a “store-bought” sheet cake

A shocking discovery was made inside a

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency (DAE) discovered around four pounds of cocaine disguised as a sheet cake with a known New York City-based drug dealer. 

The Maine DEA arrested John Cedeno (also known as “Papers”) of New York and Chelsy Cochran of Winslow, Maine, after agents caught them traveling with a “significant amount of cocaine.” It is believed that the suspects were allegedly preparing to distribute throughout Kennebec and Somerset counties. 

Cochran allegedly drove Cedeno in her Audi before police stopped both suspects on I-295 and searched. Authorities then discovered the 4 pounds of cocaine disguised as a cake that the Maine DEA said had a street value of about $200,000, as well as $1,900 cash.

Authorities charged Cedeno and Cochran with aggravated trafficking of a schedule W drug on $750,000 bail for Cedeno and $50,000 bail for Cochran.

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