Why did this woman drive into a hotel-turned-homeless shelter?

Why did this woman drive into a hotel-turned-homeless shelter?

A woman is on the run after driving a vehicle through the main lobby of a hotel-turned-homeless shelter, authorities say.  

According to officials, the woman may have been staying at the shelter but ultimately became involved in a dispute with the people there. The nature of the disagreement remains unclear, but reporters say it has been ongoing. 

She had apparently left the Ramada by Wyndham before returning with her vehicle. Three people were hurt after she drove through the lobby. 

“I’m hearing people screaming,” one witness said of the incident. “I don’t know what’s going on. I heard a big boom and everybody screaming. I smell gas. I have asthma. So, I go downstairs on the elevator. I get out of the elevator and she’s driving towards me. I backed up, like, oh my God. I almost had a heart attack.”

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