What sparked this explosion at a Dippin’ Dots factory that injured 10 people?

What sparked this explosion at a Dippin' Dots factory that injured 10 people?

Authorities are investigating what prompted an explosion at a Kentucky Dippin’ Dots factory that sent ten people to local hospitals, officials say.

According to the Paducah Police Department, the explosion occurred just after 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Spokesperson Robin Newberry said that the incident occurred as a truck was handling liquid nitrogen. Beyond that, officials are unsure of what sparked the flames. 

Apparently, the facility is not used to manufacture ice cream, despite being owned by Dippin’ Dots. They make ingredients for another company at the plant, officials say.

“[Fire rescue officials are] working through the investigative process and making sure the scene was safe,” the local fire chief said.

What else do we know about the strange incident at this time?

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