Were Donald Trump’s last days in office worse than originally thought?

Were Donald Trump's last days in office worse than originally thought?

Donald Trump’s last days in office were supposedly a lot worse than originally thought. According to new books that were released this week that detail the former President’s last days in the White House, Trump displayed some pretty offensive behavior behind the scenes.  

January of this year before Trump left office was defined as complete chaos by those who worked with Trump or had inside information. In one incident, Trump reportedly got in a shouting match with chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley regarding the White House’s response to the many Black Lives Matter protests that turned destructive across the country. 

In a more shocking incident, Trump was said to have called for the execution of whoever happened to leak that the President was taken to the White House bunker when Black Lives Matter protests took to the streets of Washington after George Floyd’s death. 

What other stunning details about Trump’s last days as President do the new books reveal?

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