Suspect arrested in the killing of three found on a golf course

Suspect arrested in the killing of three found on a golf course

Even after authorities arrested and charged a suspect in a triple homicide in which golf pro Gene Siller was killed at a north Georgia country club, many questions in the case remain.

Bryan Anthony Rhoden was arrested Thursday afternoon in connection with the killings of Siller and two other men. All three men were found dead last weekend at the Atlanta area’s Pinetree Country Club, Cobb County Police Chief Tim Cox said Thursday.

Investigators believe Rhoden, arrested in the Atlanta-area city of Chamblee, was the lone shooter in the killings of Siller, Paul Pierson, and Henry Valdez. Investigators believe that Siller, shot dead on the country club’s golf course, was killed only because he had witnessed a crime in progress involving the shooter and the other two men.

Police have not said precisely what that crime was, but they have said the bodies of Pierson and Valdez were found in the bed of a truck on a golf-course green near where Siller was shot. Rhoden has been charged with three counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of kidnapping.

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