President Biden will unveil a $1.8 trillion “families plan”—this is all of the stuff it will tackle

President Biden will unveil a .8 trillion
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President Biden will unveil a $1.8 trillion “families plan”—this is all of the stuff it will tackle

President Biden talking about the families plan from the podium
Image Source: USA Today

Today will be a busy day for President Joe Biden. He’s set to propose a massive $1.8 trillion plan today before his first joint session of Congress this evening. In this plan, he’s doling out a wish list that includes national paid family leave, universal pre-K, free community college and subsidized child care. 

It would be a quite dramatic expansion of the “social safety net” that exists to protect families and children. It is also the second piece of his “Build Back Better” economic agenda. It would be paired with the robust $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan he unveiled earlier this month. 

The move is calculated as “generational investments in our future” designed to give us a competitive edge against China and help transform the US economy.

So, knowing the price tag and what this family’s plan is going to cover, how does Biden propose to pay for it all?

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What can investors expect from the Federal Reserve meeting later today?

The Federal Reserve meeting closing out today expects the Fed to acknowledge signs of positive momentum in the economy, but they are not expected to take any action as of this time. 

The central bank has now been operating on high alert for 14 months, starting when officials quickly slashed their benchmark overnight lending rate to zero. The Fed also instituted a series of programs to keep markets liquid and credit flowing as the pandemic shut down the economy.

The economy is storming back, bolstered by fiscal and economic policy, as well as the growing numbers of people vaccinated against Covid-19. First-quarter gross domestic product, which will be reported on Thursday, is expected to show the economy grew by 6.5%. Second-quarter growth could be closer to 10%.

“They’re running out of time,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “They need to start tapering [asset purchases]. … The economy is busting out all over. We’re going to see lots of jobs, much lower unemployment. There’s base effects on inflation, but that’s going to be hard to ignore.”

What does this spell for bonds and how booming is the economy expected to be this year?

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53 declared dead as missing Indonesian submarine wreckage is finally found

A rescue ship from Singapore sent a remote operated vehicle to get clearer underwater visual imagery of the sub.
Image Source: CNN

The search for a missing Indonesian submarine is over after pieces of it were found on the ocean floor earlier this week.  

Upon finding the wreckage, Indonesia military commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto explained that the entire crew of 53 people were presumed dead. 

“We found and confirmed an image of Nanggala submarine parts, like horizontal steering, anchor, exterior body, vertical steering, and other submarine parts like safety suits for crew,” Tjahjanto said. “Based on that authentic proof I declare here that the Nanggala submarine sank and all of the crew died,” he added. 

The submarine broke into pieces, and findings like abandoned safety suits point to the crew having little to no time to react to the sudden emergency that resulted in the tragic ending. 

An explosion and foul play have been ruled out as of now. But what do experts believe actually caused the accident? 

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These incredible hacks will make your life so much easier

Life hacks are usually clever and straightforward tips for accomplishing some familiar task more quickly and efficiently. These hacks are all about eliminating life’s frustrations with minimal effort.

By tweaking little things in your daily life, these tips can make your life so much more convenient. Here are a hundred of the most practical hacks, so you can pick up any of them right away.

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In-depth, expert tips on improving social wellness post-pandemic

People crowding around someone with a phone at a restaurant
Image Source: Getty Images

Many of us are vaccinated against COVID-19 and ready to get back into the swing of things. That includes social interactions we might have missed out on after spending a year mostly indoors and seeing loved ones primarily on computer screens.

Interacting in real life again might seem overwhelming. Many people have realized that they’ve lost their social skills after a year of social distancing. But don’t worry, experts are here to help.

“Social skills are like a muscle—they can atrophy without use,” psychiatrist Dr. Mimi Winsberg M.D. “But they can be rebuilt.” Here’s how.

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