Here’s why federal safety regulators are investigating Amazon products

Here's why federal safety regulators are investigating Amazon products

Last year, CNN reported that dozens of AmazonBasics electronics remained for sale on, despite customers reporting the products had melted, exploded, or burst into flames. Lawmakers immediately called on the company to investigate and recall any electronics posing dangers to customers. 

Now, at least eight of the items highlighted in the investigation are being reviewed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Among the products are surge protectors, phone charging cords, a patio heater, a battery charger, and a voice-activated microwave that consumers reported had caught fire.

Amazon pulled the item from its site in 2019. However, it did not appear to notify customers, including the reporters who purchased the device. And the company did not post any message on its site about why it was taken down.

Amazon declined to comment on the CPSC investigations, only saying that it continues to evaluate every report of a potential safety concern and take appropriate action. None of the products featured in the inquiry have been recalled or discontinued for safety reasons.

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