Here are the 10 Senate seats that are most likely to flip

Here are the 10 Senate seats that are most likely to flip

As attention begins to shift toward the 2022 midterm elections, there are 10 Senate seats that are in real jeopardy of flipping. 

One of those is a North Carolina seat that is currently held by Richard Burr. After announcing his plans to retire, his seat became a hot topic and created a suddenly wide open race that is anyone’s for the taking. Though former President Donald Trump threw his support behind another GOP candidate to replace Burr, that endorsement hasn’t helped much in polls, as Democratic challengers are currently fairing well amongst voters. 

Another seat in jeopardy of flipping is one from Georgia that is currently held by Democrat Raphael Warnock. Though Republicans have not settled who Warnock’s opponent will be just yet, polls indicate the race will be too close to call next year, reviving GOP hopes that they can flip Warnock’s seat. 

What other Senate races are expected to result in a flip and how many surprises are on that list?

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