Heidi Fleiss vows to fly out of her Nevada coop after parrot shot: Report

Infamous Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has vowed to leave her Nevada home after someone shot one of her parrots, according to a report.

Fleiss, known for the prostitution ring she once ran in Los Angeles, claims someone injured one of her macaws with a shot from a pellet gun right before Christmas, and she is now offering $5,000 for information helping arrest the culprit.

The former madam, who counted Charlie Sheen as a client and once served 20 months in federal prison for tax evasion, has lived in Pahrump, about an hour west of Las Vegas, for 15 years.

The bird, named Chuey, is five years old, Fleiss told the Pahrump Valley Times, adding she kept the pellet a vet removed from her bird’s leg as evidence.

“Everyone knows they’re my birds and they really enjoy them,” Fleiss told the outlet. “When [the bird] came home in the late afternoon, she fell and that’s when I noticed there was something wrong with her leg.”

She vowed revenge on the fowl fiend who injured her pet.

Heidi Fleiss has lived in her home in Pahrump, Nevada for 15 years.
Heidi Fleiss has lived in her home in Pahrump, Nevada for 15 years.
Roger Kisby

“I want to castrate him, I want them to get the death penalty for shooting my little Chuey, who was just flying around doing nothing — and they shoot her,” she told the paper. “I want them to have the death penalty because everyone in the subdivision knows her and they love her.”

So now she’s flocking to Missouri, where Fleiss, 56, bought a 50-acre forest for herself and her feathered friends.

“My birds will be out of here by the end of February. I think the best moments of my life have been here with my birds, watching them fly and explore and seeing them have freedom from years of sitting in cages,” she said. “It’s really been an incredible experience and I’ve had some of the best times of my life here — but unfortunately, the worst.”