President Biden said that he's concerned about a possible Chinese hypersonic missile test — after Jen Psaki turned heads saying the US was "concerned" but "we welcome stiff competition."

Hospital staffing shortages due to COVID-19 vaccination disputes have continued across the US this month, leaving patients untreated amid surges of the virus' delta variant.

Sen. Tom Cotton responded to The Post's report that planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York.

Sen. Joe Manchin is starting to make what he wants -- or rather doesn’t want -- in the massive Democratic social spending bill more clear, after expressing opposition to including a carbon tax.

The State Department's acting inspector general informed lawmakers Monday that her office is investigating several aspects of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The father of Florida fugitive Brian Laundrie was slapped with a court summons Monday — but it’s not for helping his son allegedly dodge authorities. Christopher Laundrie has been ordered to report to a Sarasota County courtroom Dec. 1 to answer for a small-claims suit accusing him of trashing a protester’s $40 lawn sign, according...

Christopher Steele defended the claims in his dossier that became the catalyst for the investigation into whether former President Donald Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians.

A shooting at a Pennsylvania mall left several people injured and shoppers scrambling for safety Sunday afternoon.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been held for more than a year at the Metropolitan Detention Center, awaiting trial on sex abuse and trafficking charges.

The US Marine who posted videos on social media ripping the military for the Biden administration’s botched pullout from Afghanistan has been issued a letter of reprimand and ordered to forfeit $5,000 worth of pay over one month. Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller pleaded guilty at his court-martial hearing Thursday to six misdemeanor-level charges — including willfully disobeying...