Woman plunges 164 feet to death in tragic bungee-jumping accident

Woman plunges 164 feet to death in tragic bungee-jumping accident

An error in communication led a woman to jumping from a bridge without all safety equipment attached to her, resulting in her death. 

First-time jumper Yecenia Morales, 25, accompanied her boyfriend to a popular bungee-jumping spot Thursday. 

Unfortunately, Morales did not have the appropriate safety equipment attached at the point she jumped from the bridge, plummeting 164 down to the valley below. 

Her boyfriend rushed to her side to perform CPR, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Along with her injuries inflicted during the free fall, the young woman may have also suffered from a heart attack before she hit the ground, according to subsequent medical reports. Meanwhile, Morales’ boyfriend is receiving treatment for wounds he sustained while scrambling down to find her and is reportedly in shock over the ordeal.

The tragedy was all due to this small misunderstanding.

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