Which states are the most vulnerable to an aggressive virus variant?

Which states are the most vulnerable to an aggressive virus variant?

Some states are making great strides in vaccinating their residents against the virus, but those who are not may soon be contending with a more transmissible variant. According to the CDC, approximately 45% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated. However, in some states, that percentage is significantly less. 

Experts have upheld vaccines as the key to reopening the country safely and containing variants. The Delta variant, which is believed to be more transmissible and cause more severe disease, could cause an upsurge in infections. Still, the levels will vary depending on the rates of vaccination in each area. 

New research suggests less vaccinated areas are at risk. Models for Delta’s spread show the fall could see a peak of around 20% of the infections the U.S. recorded in January, but the distribution of those predicted surges is not even across all areas. Along with the Gamma or P.1 variant, the Delta variant has been deemed variants of concern by the CDC. Their danger comes from their ability to transmit more quickly or cause more severe disease.

The U.S. has been focused on getting vaccines out and into mass vaccination sites, but now it is time to rethink the way doses are made accessible.

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