West Point is more ‘woke’ now, but Rep. Waltz says it’s pointless in war

Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida, who was a green beret and Afghan war veteran, warns of dangerous consequences for the U.S. military’s effectiveness and abilities if West Point continues to push a woke agenda that includes anti-White critical race theory. 

Waltz states that cadets at the Hudson Valley military institution are mandated to go through controversial trainings, to which the host mentioned a classroom slide labeled “White Power at West Point,” — which reportedly gave one example of such as a comment made by a cadet in opposition to Affirmative Action.

Another example Carlson said Waltz had obtained is evidence of a lecture entitled “Understanding Whiteness and White Rage” — which the host called “a pure racial attack.”

“Of course, as a military, we should always work to eradicate extremism. We should never tolerate racism. But this goes way too far: One of the things that has me so disturbed as a member of the armed services committee and a combat veteran is when you come into the United States Army, is from day one, you are all the same.”
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Rex Jackson
Writer & Editor of Brief Updates