Viral video showed a deputy “overdose” just from touching fentanyl

Viral video showed a deputy

A sheriff’s body cam footage shows a deputy seeming to pass out after touching a substance confirmed to be synthetic opioid fentanyl.  A superior told the deputy just before that the drugs they were handling were extremely dangerous. 

The department was using the video has a cautionary tale about just how potent fentanyl can be. 

While the sheriff’s department stands by the video of what can happen with one of the world’s deadliest street drugs just by touching it, some experts see it as an improbable, if not impossible, incident. 

“We have a lot of scientific evidence and a good knowledge of chemical laws and the way that these drugs work that says this is impossible,” said Ryan Marino, medical director for toxicology and addiction at University Hospitals in Cleveland.

“You can’t just touch fentanyl and overdose,” he said. “It doesn’t just get into the air and make people overdose.”

If that is the case, then what did the deputy suffer from?

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