How do you solve a problem like Hong Kong?

Jul 15, 2020



Trump just sent two strong messages to China over Hong KongImage

Image Source: FOX News

During a Rose Garden press conference, President Trump announced he had signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act.

The legislation was in response to a new Chinese law that targeted Hong Kong.

Trump also signed an executive order concerning China’s actions towards the former British colony.

What did the order he signed mean?


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Will TikTok get banned in the US?

Facing backlash over security issues, the popular app TikTok runs the risk of being banned in the United States. 

TikTok users have been on pins and needles waiting to find out the app’s fate. They were even given a scare this week when a glitch erased video views, one of the most popular features of the app.

How serious is the US government about a potential ban of TikTok? You might be surprised.


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When it comes to productivity, this computer has it allMicrosoft Outlook gets Google Calendar integration on the web


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The Bloodthirsty Spanish Inquisition Comes to an EndAlternate text

Image Source: History Revealed

Regarded by many as one of the worst examples of religious persecution in history, the Spanish Inquisition ends in 1834, over 350 years after it was instituted.

The Inquisition had its origins during the liberation of Spain from Muslim control.


And hundreds of thousands of people across the continent were tried.


Why did it finally end?


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Dow futures are seeing a nice start to the day

As of right now, Dow futures are up nearly 500 points.


Investor optimism is currently being driven by two key factors: boosted hopes for vaccine progress and better-than-expected earnings. 


Find out which stocks are faring the best and what else to expect over the course of today’s trading. 


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Treasury yields move higher ahead of the Fed’s Beige Book report

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