This is how Omaha police say a man shot himself while in custody


This Gone Girl actor is dead after a traumatic brain injury last week

Lisa Banes
Image Source: AP file

Lisa Banes, who appeared in movies like Gone Girl and A Cure for Wellness has died of complications from a traumatic brain injury. She was 65 years old. 

She had been crossing the street when she was hit by a person on a scooter who had just run a red light. 

“The driver did not stop but continued,” her manager said. “Luckily, she was relatively close to the hospital and she was able to be transported there.”

Banes was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital after the incident, which happened on June 4. She passed away on Monday.

“We are heartsick over Lisa’s tragic and senseless passing,” her manager said. “She was a woman of great spirit, kindness and generosity and dedicated to her work, whether on stage or in front of a camera and even more so to her wife, family and friends. We were blessed to have had her in our lives.”

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This is how Omaha police say a man shot himself while in custody


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What we can expect from the Federal Reserve meeting commencement today

The Federal Reserve will end its two-day meeting this week. While they are not expected to take any policy actions during this meeting, they should be releasing some new economic forecasts as well as providing insight into potentially tapering its bond-buying program. 

There’s a chance it could pencil in an initial rate hike in 2023. In its previous forecast, there was no consensus for a rate hike among Fed officials though 2023.

 “I think the commentary and the press conference will be interesting. There’s clearly a division on the board and among the Fed presidents about how strong the economy is, and whether it’s time to start evolving the policy,” said Rick Rieder, chief investment officer global fixed income at BlackRock. 

Here’s the rundown of what we can expect.

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3 ways you can make your budget more livable

A man and a woman work on a laptop.
Image Source: Getty Images

Budgeting has so many financial and psychological benefits — but none of that makes it easy. And sometimes, it’s so much work to remember and execute all your little budgeting details that you don’t even want to bother.

I get it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Making your budget work for you is just as important as making a budget in the first place. That’s why I found these three ways you can make your budget the best it can be for your unique situation.

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Sneak healthy habits into your office routine with these hacks

As Americans return to work en masse in the coming weeks and months, a new problem arises. For those, who’ve found a way to eke out a little work-workout balance during this strange societal pause, the question now is: How can we keep these healthy habits even as we return to the office?

Returning to the office will mean altering the work-from-home beauty and hygiene habits and establishing new workout routines. Could a simple change to the way Americans equip themselves for their practices really be enough to continue their newly learned healthy habits?

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A first for America: this famous roller coaster opened on this day in 1884

A photo of the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island
Image Source: History

On this day in 1884, America’s first roller coaster opened in the famed Coney Island Amusement Park in Brooklyn, New York. 

The roller coaster was considered a switchback railway and it traveled at six miles per hour. Admission for the new coaster originally cost one nickel. 

America quickly fell in love with the coaster and it was considered an instant success and is considered the start of America’s love of coasters and thrill rides. 

What are some other fun facts about the roller coaster and Coney Island Amusement Park that jump started a nationwide love of big thrill rides? 

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