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Man walks home after being attacked by a shark

Image Source: NBC News

An unidentified 39-year-old man has been hospitalized after being attacked by a shark off Siesta Key in the Gulf of Mexico. He reportedly walked home after the attack. He had suffered wounds to his arm and his hand.

A woman called 911 after discovering the wounded man and had him taken to a local hospital. The concerned woman told dispatch that the man was pale and bleeding to death. In the recorded call, she can be heard trying to reassure the still conscious man that help was on the way.

The man’s status and severity of his injuries have not been disclosed.


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5G and “AI” are all the rage…
But here’s what you likely don’t know:
The world’s best investors are lining up behind an explosive new technology that could trump them all.Warren Buffett calls it “ingenious.”


Stocks were poised to remain relatively flat this morning, after a big day yesterday when the Dow increased 0.49%, the S&P 500 climbed 0.58%, and the Nasdaq Composite gained 0.84%.

Investors on Thursday were optimistic about the promise of new stimulus and vaccines.

Yesterday, the FDA advisory panel recommended approval of Moderna’s vaccine, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested that the “bipartisan, bicameral [fiscal stimulus] agreement appears to be close at hand.”

He suggested lawmakers would work this weekend to get something done.

“The bad news this week is that the third wave continues to get worse, and the economic damage from the pandemic continues to mount,” Commonwealth Financial Network’s chief investment officer said. “The good news is that policy is starting to succeed in containing the virus, and the federal government will likely pass a stimulus bill, mitigating both major risk factors.”

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Can video games help you break your pandemic fitness slump?

Image Source: CNN

If your fitness routine has suffered due to the pandemic, one unusual thing might be able to get it back on track: video games.

With society turning to digital options for everything else during the pandemic, including communicating with loved ones, working, telehealth visits, and more, fitness shouldn’t be left out in the cold when it comes to digital options. That’s where video games come in.

Major gaming systems are beginning to carry more and more health and fitness related games. And with today’s consoles offering interactive controls and motion sensors, it’s easy to get a workout from a video game, right in the comfort of your own home. Do video games really have the power to change the fitness industry forever? 


Thanks to the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for many US workers. While some of us have experience with telecommuting, there are some who are struggling with the change.

One of the best ways to make working from home easier is having a dedicated home office space. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should be an area that allows you to focus on your work without distraction.

And to make guarantee you’re making the best use of your space, there are certain items and upgrades you need to make sure you have when preparing to work. While you don’t need the latest and greatest stuff to make your office work, it’s a good idea to invest what you can in organizational hardware now. Check out the full list here as you prepare to organize your very own home office!


How to invest in the future of food

Image Source: Green Biz

The pandemic-fueled consumer demand for food that is healthier, more sustainable, ethically produced, and easier to access has fueled a “burst of investment” in food tech in 2020. Finistere Ventures predicts this investment will have a long-lasting impact on the industry that will surpass the pandemic.

Convenience is a formidable driver for the consumer and investor in the food industry. With cooking fatigue setting in and many consumers strapped for time, anything that makes getting food to your plate is worth a second look. This includes meal kits and delivery. Both have benefited from the ongoing pandemic as consumers look for ways to relieve cooking fatigue.

As more consumers have food delivered, there is a rising awareness of how the packaging will affect the food bought and the environment. More pressure will be placed on manufacturers and restaurants to choose more sustainable packaging.

Those are just two of the areas investors are looking at. While these areas hold promise, they also have limitations that could cap their long-term viability beyond the pandemic unless they continue to evolve.

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