Teachers say critical race theory doesn’t apply to k-12 curriculums

Teachers say critical race theory doesn't apply to k-12 curriculums

The responses from more than 1,100 teachers across the country to a survey conducted by the Association of American Educators, a nonpartisan professional group for educators, appeared to suggest that the panicked dialogue on critical race theory made by lawmakers and the media does not reflect the reality of American classrooms. 

The association surveyed its professional membership between June 24 and June 29 and received 1,134 completed responses, nearly 900 of them from traditional public schools. More than 96 percent said their schools did not require them to teach critical race theory, and only 45 percent said that teachers should have the option to add it to their lesson plans.

Critical race theory is an academic study at the undergraduate and graduate levels that examines the role of racism in the modern era and how it has become woven into the social fabric.

Most teachers who responded to the survey┬ásaid they had not changed their curriculum in response to the past year’s reflection on race. More than half said that they are apprehensive about saying anything about race and getting into trouble.

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