Police respond to an “emergency” at a Tennessee high school

Police respond to an

On Tuesday morning, a report of an active shooter at a high school in northeast Tennessee led to an emergency evacuation and lockdowns. The incident came on the first full day of school at Volunteer High School in Church Hill.

The sheriff’s office received a call shortly before 8 a.m. in which the caller told the 911 dispatcher that he had been bullied and harassed by popular students and that he was in the main bathroom within Volunteer, armed with a handgun.

The call to authorities led to the evacuation of students, temporary lockdowns in the area, and serious concerns about everyone’s safety. students were evacuated to the National Guard Armory, where they were being reunited with their parents. 

Deputies responded and searched the school, but a suspect was not located, and there was no evidence of any gunfire or gun fire-related injuries. One student had a seizure, though it did not appear to be related. 

Authorities are considering the report to be a hoax. “There was no gunfire, nobody injured, and thank God everybody is safe,” Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said.

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