Office organizational hacks for the best productivity this year

Office organizational hacks for the best productivity this year

What if I told you that you could do something today that would boost your effectiveness, reduce your daily stress, and maybe even set you up for a nice little promotion? Would it surprise you if I told you the task was organizing your environment?

An organized work environment has a lot more than just visual appeal. For starters, DIY office organization has been shown to reduce stress.

The appearance of clutter signals to your brain that there’s extra work to do. When your brain feels overwhelmed by all this (actual and perceived) work, it triggers a stress response. Organizing your workspace reduces the frequency of that stress response and gives you a feeling of control.

Plus, being organized will help you become more efficient. Searching for files in a disorganized workstation wastes time and renders you less effective. Suppose your goal is to move up the ranks. In that case, there’s evidence to suggest that clutter decreases your chances of getting that next promotion, both by boosting your effectiveness and by creating a positive impression of your work habits with higher-ups.

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