Murder suspect arrested after a body is found in the trash

A man has been arrested after allegedly murdering a woman and dumping her body into a trash can inside a storage unit, police say. The incident began on May 20 in Welby, Colorado, located just north of Denver, when members of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding the discovery of human remains inside of a storage unit. 

The Adams County coroner would later identify the deceased person as 21-year-old Lavanya Destoniy Jain. On May 21, authorities served a search warrant in Thornton, Colorado, to the residence of the storage unit owner where the body was discovered.

As a result of their investigation, it was determined that 36-year-old Gregory A. Thomas of Thornton, Colorado, was the primary suspect and that authorities believed he had fled to Washington state after the woman’s body was found.

Just over two weeks later, Thomas was found in an RV park in Lynden, Washington, just a few miles south of the Canadian border with the United States. Thomas is now facing a first-degree murder charge (a class 1 felony), and a charge of tampering with a deceased human body (a class 3 felony) as the investigation continues.

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