It’s the anniversary of one of the most controversial US Grand Prix races of all time


Police ask public to be vigilant after body parts found in 2 different locations

People at a crime scene investigating
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Authorities in Minneapolis are investigating a grisly murder, where the suspect dumped the body parts of their victim in at least two locations. 

Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said that a passerby noticed the first set of body parts around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday. 

Reporters for KMSP arrived while police were canvassing the scene and saw a partially covered leg that was cut to pieces. While investigators were at the scene, local residents found another bag containing body parts.

What all is known at this time?

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The labor market is in recovery, even with rise in jobless claims

For the first time in the last 6 weeks, there was an increase in the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits. Layoffs are still decreasing overall, though as the economy continues with reopening. 

The workforce seems to still be struggling with a shortage of people willing to work. This scarcity hurdle isn’t helping faster employment growth. 

Meanwhile, a measure of future production surged to its highest level in almost three decades.

What other insights should you be aware of?

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4 ways to grow $100k into $1 million for retirement savings

A woman putting money into a piggy bank.
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Retirement is becoming more expensive every year. With general living costs increasing, healthcare expenses skyrocketing, and financial safety nets like pensions and Social Security becoming less reliable, retirees will need to save more than ever.

Your nest egg may no longer be sufficient to cover expenses, or you may not be caught up with inflation. Here’s how to boost your retirement funds so that you can keep the lifestyle you deserve.

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This is how “alloparenting” can be a less isolating way to raise kids

“It takes a village” is a widespread saying for a reason. Scientists say that humans evolved to raise children with many parental figures. If you come from a big family, you probably know what I’m talking about when it comes to aunts, uncles, older siblings, and grandparents all coming together to help out with the kids. 

In 1975, socio-biologist Edward Wilson coined the term “alloparenting” to describe the practice of individuals other than a mother or father caring for an offspring. Since then, other researchers have looked into it as well. 

Here are the details — just take what you need for your own life. After all, every family is different!

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This notorious criminal was arrested on this day, but designed his own “luxurious” prison

A mugshot of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar taken in 1977
Image Source: Frankenmuth Insurance Blog

Perhaps the most notorious drug lord the world has ever known was arrested on this day in 1991. 

The hardened criminal, Pablo Excobar, had evaded authorities for years until he finally surrendered to police after being cornered in Columbia. But Escobar surrendered on his own terms, which included a bizarre request to design the prison where he would be held. The request was surprisingly granted in order to facilitate his capture. 

Escobar designed a luxurious mansion as his prison that included a soccer field, giant dollhouse, full bar, jacuzzi, and even a waterfall. He was allowed to live there unrestricted, until authorities learned that he was still running his drug cartel from the mansion, including having people murdered there. Authorities planned to relocate Escobar to a normal prison due to his continued involvement in the drug cartel. 

When Escobar learned of the plan, he was able to escape from his self-designed prison before authorities could have him moved. What happened to Escobar after his big escape?

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Happy Juneteenth! The abolition of slavery was announced on this date in 1865

It’s the anniversary of one of the most controversial US Grand Prix races of all time

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