Is RIG on your radar?

Is RIG on your radar?

Sometimes, opportunity only knocks once.

But this time, I went to bat to make sure you didn’t miss it this time around.

You may have missed the invite last Tuesday, but Trader Agency’s Ross Givens was dropping some serious gold nuggets about the power of tracking insider buys.

It’s actually part of his new release of Insider Edge.

And while this is typically a closed-door session only open to his most loyal subscribers, I was able to call in a favor and make sure that you can get in on it, too.

Because as we’re celebrating America’s independence, it’s also a great time to talk about financial independence. 

And this Transocean LTD (RIG) play that he announced on Tuesday is already blowing up heading into the weekend. 

But those double digit gains we’ve already seen since he leaked this pick are nothing compared to what could still be in store. 

You see, these aren’t rapid plays. But they are HUGE ones. 

Sometimes his Insider plays will register 100%, 500% – sometimes even more than 1,000% in gains. And that usually happens in a 6-month to 2-year period. 

So, double digit gains in just a matter of days is a very strong indicator that this one is going to be particularly impressive. 

And he’s not basing his decisions on “gut feelings” either.

He’s found an incredible, proprietary way to not just find Insider trades when they happen (at a tune of about 4,000+ a day) but he also knows how to score those inside buys based on a boatload of criteria.

Stuff you can’t see inside of the Webull platform chart we’re sharing up above. 

You can find out everything about this big RIG play right now (without even subscribing!) just by checking out the full replay right here.

But I promise – you’re going to want it. So, Ross did me a solid and agreed to extend a special offer that’s generally ONLY reserved for his most faithful Traders Agency followers. 

So, don’t miss it. 

And while you’re at it, check out a few of these other ways to celebrate your Financial Independence this July…

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