Interpol has issued a ‘red notice’ for the MIT graduate accused of murdering a Yale student

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Interpol has issued a ‘red notice’ for the MIT graduate accused of murdering a Yale student

Qinxuan Pan
Image Source: New Haven Police Department

Interpol has issued a “red notice” for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate student Qinxuan Pan, who is a suspect in the murder of a graduate student at Yale University, Kevin Jiang.

The red notice serves as an “international wanted persons notice,” and comes over a month after the U.S. Marshals Service expanded its search for the 29-year-old suspect, accused of murdering Jiang on February 6.

Jiang’s body was discovered near Yale University’s campus, and he had sustained several gunshot wounds. It remains unclear whether or not Jiang’s death is connected to a road rage incident, or whether Pan had targeted him. 

Pan apparently also stole a car from a Massachusetts dealership, and changed out his plates. Anyone with information could receive up to $10,000 from the U.S. Marshals.

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Your morning market update

U.S. stock index futures were little changed early Wednesday, after the major averages finished Tuesday’s session slightly in the red.

Futures contracts tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average pointed to an opening gain of of about 24 points. S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures added about 0.1%.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was optimistic about the U.S. economic comeback from the pandemic in his widely read annual letter released today.

The major averages pulled back from record highs to close in negative territory during regular trading on Tuesday. The Dow slid 97 points, or 0.3%, breaking a two-day winning streak. The S&P hit a record high, but retreated during afternoon trading and ultimately closed 0.1% lower for its first negative session in four. The Nasdaq Composite declined 0.05%, also snapping a three-day winning streak.

Strong economic data — including March’s jobs report that handily beat expectations — has fueled stocks’ ascent in recent sessions. All three major averages are coming off their fourth straight quarter of gains as the economic recovery from Covid-19 accelerates.

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The World Health Organization is not ready to endorse vaccine passports just yet

Vaccine card stuck into a passport on a mask
Image Source: Fox News

While many countries are calling for the use of vaccine passports for people to travel, the World Health Organization (WHO) is hesitant to endorse such a passport. 

A vaccine passport is proof that an individual has been fully vaccinated against the virus. As more countries look to open up and return to some sense of normalcy, vaccine passports have been proposed as a safety precaution that could help open travel back up while also keeping virus cases down. 

And while many are pushing for such a passport, the WHO was quick to indicate that it will not endorse them. A WHO spokesperson cited equity concerns as one of the reasons, since the organization is fearful that certain populations and demographics aren’t able to get the vaccine as easily as others. Another concern was it is not yet known if fully vaccinated individuals can still transmit the virus to others. 

What other concerns does WHO have about vaccine passports and will the organization ever be in favor of such a requirement worldwide?

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Nearly 80% of school staff nationwide have had at least one vaccine dose

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 80% of all teachers, school staff, and child care workers had received at least one dose of a vaccine by the end of March. The agency estimates that over two million school staff were vaccinated through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program in March. Additionally, it estimates between five and six million more have been vaccinated through state programs

President Joe Biden acknowledged the milestone on Tuesday when he moved up the deadline for states to open up coronavirus vaccine eligibility to all adults by nearly two weeks to April 19. While the CDC said in a press release that the number was “nearly” 80%, Biden said it was over that figure. “That’s great progress, protecting our educators and essential workers,” Biden said at the White House.

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Don’t oversimplify your retirement—you could be gambling with your future

A man looks over his finances.
Image Source: Getty Images

Retirement planning can get very overwhelming, very fast. It would be so easy to just have certain hard and fast rules to go by, and radically simplify the entire process.

Resist the temptation!

Oversimplifying retirement can sabotage your future. There are certain “rules” out there that are more like dangerous misconceptions. One rule you should break: saving 10% of your income—no matter what that income is.

Instead, use a calculator to come up with a measurable retirement goal. Here are two more rules you should ignore.

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