Huma Abedin in ‘final stages’ of divorcing Anthony Weiner

Huma Abedin is “in the final stages” of getting divorced from Anthony Weiner, whose sex crimes left her with “extreme trauma,” the trusted Clinton advisor said.

Abedin, 45, opened up about her career and relationship with the disgraced congressman as she promoted her new memoir “Both/And” in an interview with The Cut.

The observant Muslim, who still serves as chief of staff to Hillary Clinton, told the magazine she was inexperienced with men before Wiener proposed to her in the Gramercy Park Hotel when she was 32.

“As was expected of any girl with my background, I would lose my virginity to the man I would marry,” Abedin said.

The Michigan native filed for divorce from Wiener in 2017, after the Democrat’s Carlos Danger escapades led to him losing the New York mayoral primary, tied Clinton to an FBI investigation that contributed to her defeat by Donald Trump, and ultimately had him sent to prison for transferring obscene material to a minor.

Huma Abedin poses for a portrait at a park in New York to promote her memoir "Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds" on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021.
Huma Abedin filed for divorce from Anthony Wiener in 2017.
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She later withdrew her divorce filing, telling the magazine, “he made my life so much easier. He did everything. He did our shopping. He cleaned our house. He made sure the laundry was done.”

In the end, the convicted sex offender’s transgressions could not be overcome, Abedin reportedly said.

“I had my heart broken, dragged out, stomped on, humiliated. I lived with shame, in shame, for so long,” she told the outlet. “In hindsight, I was in extreme trauma.”

Huma Abedin Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds
Huma Abedin opened up about her relationship with Anthony Weiner as she promoted her new memoir “Both/And.”

Abedin said one of her most supportive friends during the humiliating ordeal was Vouge Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

And just being out and being with her, I just felt sort of normal and loved,” she said of her “random movie” outings with the fashionista.

Despite having very public marriage crises in common with Clinton, Abedin reportedly said she never talked to her boss about their parallel situations.

Anthony Wiener leaves his halfway house around 2:45 pm and heads to the elevated subway line on Fordham Road
Anthony Wiener’s sex crimes left Huma Abedin with “extreme trauma.”
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Abedin and Wiener, 57, live “very nearby” in the same Union Square building where they raise their son, 9-year-old Jordan.

“My relationship with my child’s father is not, and never will be [over],” she reportedly wrote in her book, which hit shelves Tuesday.

“We are in the final stages of our divorce,” she told the outlet. “Lawyers are doing their lawyer thing.”