How a man is shot in the neck over a mask dispute in Nebraska

How a man is shot in the neck over a mask dispute in Nebraska

Two men on opposite sides of the mask debate got into a fight at a Nebraska supermarket that ended with a BB gun to the neck, officials say. 

Apparently, a man in a mask was attacked at an Omaha Aldi grocery store yesterday just before 3 p.m. According to authorities, the assault occurred as the two men crossed paths. One man was leaving the store, and one was arriving. 

Police spokesman Phil Anson said the man who wasn’t in a face covering spit on the masked man, sparking a wrestling match of sorts. 

That’s when the man wielded his BB gun. The masked victim sustained wounds on his face, neck, and shoulder

“I asked him why he would do that and he said, ‘You’re on the other team,’” the victim said. 

The incident occurred as the CDC revised its mask guidelines, angering many Americans. 

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