How a driver falls asleep behind the wheel of his Tesla and gets pulled over

How a driver falls asleep behind the wheel of his Tesla and gets pulled over


A 38-year-old insists he was tired, but definitely not sleeping, while headed to work on Sunday with his Tesla’s autopilot feature activated. The person who called the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department to report his negligence, however, said otherwise. 

“The driver’s head was down and [he] was not looking at the road,” a deputy observed when he arrived on the scene and drove alongside the tired Tesla owner. 

“I followed you for about two miles and you were sleeping, you were totally like this in the car,” the deputy said when he was finally able to get the vehicle to pull over. The official had even turned on his car’s sirens and flashing lights, but it still took several minutes for the driver to notice and park alongside the highway.

“I was upside of you, I was looking at you and you were doing this, your eyes were closed,” the deputy continued. “I understand you have autopilot, but if something was to happen, you’re not able to make that conscious decision to stop in a hurry.”

And this isn’t the first time the sleepy man had rested his eyes behind the wheel. What consequences is he facing right now?

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