FBI joins search for 3-year-old Afghan refugee who went missing from playground

The feds have joined the hunt for an Afghan girl who vanished from a Texas playground last month.

Lina Sadar Khil, 3, was last seen on Dec. 20 at the playground in her family’s San Antonio apartment complex, where she was left unattended by her mother, CNN said Thursday.

FBI dive teams have joined the exhaustive search for the young girl, whose family was relocated to the US from Afghanistan, the network reported Tuesday.

“They flew in from Washington DC last night and have been here all day,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus reportedly said.

“I wish I could be more uplifting. I know this looks like we are onto something, but all we’re doing here is following up on leads. We don’t want to leave anything to chance. Everything that we get that has any kind of potential at all, we’re following it up.”

The underwater search and evidence response team would be deploying special equipment and technology to find the child, the chief said, according to the outlet.

The Islamic Center of San Antonio had offered $100,000 for information leading to Lina, on top of $50,000 put up by a local Crime Stoppers fund.