Deadly flooding kills 21 people in middle Tennessee

Deadly flooding kills 21 people in middle Tennessee

At least 21 people are confirmed dead, while about 20 others remain missing after severe flooding swept through Humphreys County in Middle Tennessee. 20 of the confirmed dead were within the county seat, Waverly. 

Local officials revised the number of missing down from an earlier count of 45. The police and fire chief of Waverly, Grant Gillespie, explained that the figure was so high because the storm had knocked out cell service, making it difficult for people to reach their loved ones. 

The flooding damaged infrastructure, schools, homes, and other facilities in Waverly, Gillespie said, adding he believed federal assistance would be needed for the community to recover.

In addition, more than 17 inches of rain was measured in McEwen on Saturday, possibly setting a new state record for 24-hour rainfall, though the data still needs to be checked before the new record is official.

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