Cheney: McCarthy is “playing politics” with Capitol riot by threatening boycott

Cheney: McCarthy is

After Speaker Pelosi objected to two Republicans nominated by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to the bipartisan Jan. 6 investigation committee, McCarthy threatened to boycott the committee altogether and create one made up solely of Republicans. 

As the leader of the GOP representatives, McCarthy would then have the authority to appoint whomever he saw fit to positions within the committee.

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, high-profile Trump opponent that she is, was the sole Republican appointed to the committee by Pelosi earlier this year. Cheney maintains a nonpartisan stance when it comes to the events of Jan. 6, although her fierce opposition to Trump’s rhetoric has earned the ire of her party.

Now, she has absolutely nothing good to say about how McCarthy is reacting to Pelosi’s decision.

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