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Nov 11, 2020

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Now, on to today’s trivia…

On this day, Allied powers signed a ceasefire agreement with Germany marking the end of World War 1. In what year did this occur? 

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Florida mother becomes the victim of a coordinated attack
Image Source: Fox News

After returning home, a Florida mother is in critical condition after finding her son being attacked by a group of teens. The teens then mowed her down in a van before fleeing the scene. The suspects are accused of going over to the victim’s home and ambushing him over a romantic dispute.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement, “This is a coordinated, planned attack, carried out by a group of teens who beat up a teen then ran over his mother, leaving her for dead.”

Eyewitnesses and home security cameras helped investigators identify the suspects.


While smartphones are a wonderful technological advancement, science tells us that they’re ruining our sleeping habits at an alarming rate.

For starters, the cool blue light that smartphone screens admit completely throws off our natural sleeping schedule. And without enough deep sleep, our overall health and productivity suffer.

Thankfully, you can implement a few hacks to reduce the impact your smart device has on your ability to sleep. You can find a detailed list here!

More Little Life Hacks

How to unclog a stubborn drain


Market Watch look at futures

Image Source: MarketWatch


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Soon, you will need to shred your credit card…A major upheaval in the works. And, soon, you’ll need to replace your cards with brand new ones…Powered by a hot new technology the World Economic Forum projects will grow 295,762% over the next seven years.

Teeka Tiwari, America’s #1 investor based on audited results, just released a video to reveal the single best way to play this coming change…

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If you are sick of budgeting apps like Mint mis-categorizing your purchases, or manual spreadsheets becoming too much of a hassle over time, or some software going way too in depth for your taste, then you might have found a match in Tiller Money, which automates the spreadsheet-tracking experience, thereby combining familiarity with ease of use.

 “It didn’t feel like something that was all that different from what they were already familiar with,” one financial planner said. “And that’s really important when you’re trying to get people to do something new–every hurdle you put in their way makes it that much more likely that they’re not going to actually do it.”


Image Source: NBC News

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) fate has been hanging in the balance recently as Republicans are seeking once again to have the health insurance law struck down.

This is the third attempt at dismantling the program widely known as Obama Care. While most thought overturning the ACA was inevitable this time around, remarks by Chief Justice John Roberts signaled otherwise.

Roberts seemed to be growing weary of the request to repeal the law during Tuesday’s hearings. He even went as far as to say that striking down the ACA was “not our job” when referring to the Supreme Court Justices.

What else was revealed during yesterday’s hearings? Will the ACA survive the Supreme Court after all?

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