Britney Spears’ passionate courtroom speech is likely to hurt her cause

Britney Spears' passionate courtroom speech is likely to hurt her cause

Britney Spears’ powerful plea to a judge to end the conservatorship that has controlled her life since 2008 brought sympathy and outrage from fans, famous supporters, and even casual observers who say she deserves independence. Yet lawyers who deal in such matters say the speech itself may not have helped her in the legal process, which will be long and arduous.

The speech was compelling for the same reasons it may be problematic to the court. She babbled, often profanely, and could seem out of control as she rattled off injustices and the emotional turmoil they have brought her.

“It just seems to me that her presentation to her court didn’t do herself any favors,” said David Glass, a family law attorney with a doctorate in psychology. “The words came out like bullets. She shifted rapidly between thoughts and ideas. She also admitted to being depressed and crying all the time. I’m not her psychologist, but these are things that potentially point to being in the middle of mental illness.”

One thing that will certainly not happen is the conservatorship being terminated, as Spears requested, without further evaluation.

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