Big Government is back—and 3 other takeaways from Biden’s address to Congress

Big Government is back—and 3 other takeaways from Biden’s address to Congress
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Josh Duggar, star of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, arrested by U.S. Marshals

Josh Duggar, star of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting
mage Source: KHBS

Over the years, Josh Duggar (star of one of TLC’s headlining shows, 19 Kids and Counting) has made a lot of headlines, for a lot of different reasons. Today, he’s making headlines once again, but the details that have emerged so far are pretty murky. 

What we do know is that according to public record, Josh Duggar was booked and put into federal detention yesterday afternoon in a Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

What we don’t know is why…

At the moment, under charges, “hold for other dept” is all that is listed. And apparently, no bond has been set. 

But there are some theories that his arrest is related to his past history of molestation and sexual misconduct. But there have been other legal issues for Josh Duggar as well. 

Here’s what we know so far, and what we’re still waiting to find out.

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Isn’t it amazing how everything that can move online already has?

From elementary school lessons to college classes, teaching has gone remote…

Entire company workforces have gone virtual…

Financial Times calls 5G “a game-changer for humanity.”
We’ve been tracking this story for many months and have traveled halfway around the world and back.

And we’re going public with our groundbreaking presentation, detailing the full extent of this incredible opportunity and how anyone age 18 and older can get an early stake in what MIT is calling “the next technological revolution.”


Stock futures dip even after Amazon reports profit surge

Futures contracts tied to the major U.S. stock indexes slipped early Friday as investors pored over a flurry of earnings results and a robust profit beat from e-commerce giant Amazon.

Contracts tied to the S&P 500 fell 0.6%, while those linked to the Dow shed 150 points. Nasdaq-100 futures dropped about 0.7%.

The after-hours moves came amid a deluge of earnings activity after the close of regular trading.

Amazon’s results showed demand remained strong for its massive online retail business even as the economy started to open up some. The blowout results also showed big gains in high-growth cloud-computing and advertising businesses.

Shares rose 2% in premarket trading, but that was not enough to lift sentiment for the whole market.

So far this week, the S&P 500 is up 0.75%, the Dow is up less than 0.1% and the Nasdaq Composite is up 0.47%.

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Take your budget to the next level: 3 things budgeting all-stars do

A woman holding a piggy bank and smiling.
Image Source: Getty Images

I know establishing a budget isn’t exciting, and it’s probably more overwhelming than you really want to acknowledge. But that’s why I’m here to make it easy.

Budgeting not only helps manage your money on a day-to-day basis; it also can make it easier to reach your long-term goals. There are three strategies budgeting all-stars have in common, and by taking advantage of them yourself, you can improve your financial situation, too.

Here are those strategies you should start using right now.

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What is distance learning, and are there benefits to it?

Distance learning is a method of study where teachers and students do not meet in the classroom. The Internet, e-mail, and other technology are valuable tools for classes. Simply put, distance learning is when students are separated from teachers and peers.

In distance learning, students study at home on their own, and the learning is more individual and varies on speed and timeline according to each student and their availability. Because distance education is remote, it can connect students to universities worldwide, making it more accessible for students in different countries. 

It is also known to be more affordable, which is another factor that helps make education more accessible to many students worldwide and at different socio-economic levels. In addition to its affordability, there are other benefits of distance education.

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Mr. Potato Head was the first toy advertised on TV 69 years ago

The original Mr. Potato Head was simply plastic body parts that made playing with your food fun.
Image Source: R. Dias/ClassicStock/Getty Images

On April 30, 1952, an up-and-coming toy was the first toy to ever be advertised on television. That advertising spot turned the toy into an American icon that remains popular to this day. 

That toy is none other than the infamous Mr. Potato Head. Loved by generation after generation, the quirky toy has been successful for 69 years after making history as the first toy to be advertised on TV.  

But did you know that Mr. Potato Head wasn’t always the loveable plastic potato that you know him as today? Initially, the toy was a plastic set of body parts, such as a nose, mouth, ears, eyes, etc., that were all meant to be put on a real potato. Yes, the original idea was to use the plastic pieces to play with your food. 

What other fun facts do we know about Mr. Potato Head? The history of this popular toy just might surprise you.

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