California was on pause. Now they’ve pushed rewind.

Jul 14, 2020



In California, reopening is “rolling back”


Image Source: FOX News

Governor Gavin Newsome placed California back on lockdown after a surge of COVID-19 cases.

Churches, restaurants, and fitness centers are among those activities shut down.

Will Newsome wreck his state’s economy?


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After extensive search, “Glee” star’s body is recovered

Soldier Dies In Non-Combat Incident In Afghanistan

This southern baseball team has no intentions to change their name


Could a Facebook robot could make internet cheaper?

Facebook just unveiled its latest project – a fiber-spinning robot with a code name Bombyx. 

The social media giant plans to use the robot to help install fiber cables across the globe. The new technology should decrease the cost of fiber installation, potentially passing that savings along to internet service customers. 

How does the robot operate and when will Facebook put it to work?


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Verizon turns to Google technology for customer service help

Google’s Pixel Buds available in more countries – new colors on the way


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Billy The Kid’s Criminal Career is Brought to an End

Alternate text

Image Source: History

Billy the Kid had been on the run for three months after a prison escape.

Pat Garrett, a lawman, tracked him down. Then, while Billy was absent his room, Pat slipped in and waited in the dark.


When Billy returned, Pat Garrett then shot the Wild West’s most famous outlaw.


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JPMorgan just beat their Q2 expectations by a long shot

Heading into earnings week for the big banks, there was a lot of gloom and doom.


Ugly, terrible, horrible – there were a lot of icky adjectives being thrown around.


But for JPMorgan, it’s been a great week.


Despite second quarter net profits being cut in half (and plenty of other struggles), JPMorgan was able to outperform analysts’ expectations for both revenue and earnings per share. 


So, what was JPMorgan doing right?


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Stock futures are rising ahead of big bank earnings

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