An explosion at an Ohio paint factory raises concerns about a hazmat situation


More than 5,000 people gathered for an illegal party over the weekend

More than 5,000 people gathered last weekend in the Tonto National Forest northeast of Phoenix for an illegal party that was broken up by U.S. Forest Service personnel. The Tonto National Forest requires a permit application to be submitted and approved for all gatherings of over 75 people. Officers patrolling in the Sycamore Creek area Saturday night came across the unauthorized gathering.

Forest officials say campers and partiers restricted access by taping off sections of the main road to designate the party area, and vehicles were parked all along the main roads. It was likely the largest unauthorized party Tonto National Forest had encountered. 

In addition to DUIs and double riding, authorities said violations included speeding, reckless vehicle operation, staging camps in illegal areas, blocking roadways, unlawful use of fireworks, and target shooting. By the end of the night, seven vehicle accidents were reported and multiple reports of stolen off-highway vehicles.

The U.S Forest Service said the party put “the public, Forest Service personnel, and first responders at risk.”

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