Alaska’s extreme heatwave just caused a massive ice quake


Illegal fireworks blast destroys LAPD bomb squad truck; 17 people hurt

Video Source: CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

A massive explosion rocked a Los Angeles neighborhood as homemade fireworks were being destroyed by a bomb squad, leaving a trail of destruction, injuries and questions in its wake as the July Fourth holiday approaches.

17 people were hurt Wednesday night — including 9 Los Angeles police officers and a federal agent — in the blast, which also flipped and damaged cars and smashed windows in homes and a laundromat. The explosion was heard blocks away.

It could take days to determine why the material exploded inside a spherical containment vessel on a tractor-trailer, tearing the rig apart in what was supposed to be a safe operation to handle explosives that were too unstable to remove from a South Los Angeles neighborhood where tons of illegal fireworks were discovered.

Here’s what we know right now.

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Why did Trump’s team create a brand new social media platform?

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It appears that Trump is ready to be back in the political arena full force, so his team is developing creative ways for him to connect with voters. One of the most bizarre things his team has done to reach voters is create a brand new social media platform. 

Yes, Trump has his own social media platform now called GETTR. His team unveiled the new social media channel quietly this week when it went live on Thursday. The project is being led by Trump’s former spokesman Jason Miller. 

The new social media option is being marketed as an alternative to big social media channels that Trump’s team says are known for silencing users and limiting free speech. GETTR officials claim the new site’s mission is “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas.”

What else do we know about GETTR and does Trump already have a profile setup? 

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Alaska’s extreme heatwave just caused a massive ice quake

Alaskan ice caps
Image Source: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

An extreme heatwave has been sweeping the Pacific Northwest, and now the region has gotten so hot, it caused an ice quake in Alaska.

A 2.7-magnitude ice quake was recorded 25 miles east of Juneau on Tuesday, caused by melting glaciers, according to Gizmodo. While it is normal for melting to cause flooding, the site reported it is rarer that the water refreezes and expands as ice, triggering enough stress to cause seismic activity.

The quake is known as a cryoseism, or a non-tectonic seismic event, and was recorded at a depth of about 8 miles.

While an ice quake might not seem like the biggest deal in the world, some of the other side effects of the heat have been having a ruinous effect on the Pacific Northwest’s landscape.

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