A teen stabs five people dead in a daycare center attack

A teen stabs five people dead in a daycare center attack


A woman who had been missing for months is found… and she is alive

A tent among rocks
Image Source: Utah County Sheriff’s Office

After months of searching, a missing Utah woman was found in a tent this weekend, and she is alive. State officials say that she claimed to have lived off of grass and moss. The woman, who’d lost weight and had appeared weak, was taken for a mental health evaluation at a local hospital. 

The search began back in December after officials discovered her abandoned car. Over the weekend, a sergeant from the sheriff’s office continued looking for her in the Diamond Fork area. They were using a drone to try and find her, and it crashed. When they went to get it, they found her tent. 

“While many people might choose to not live in the circumstances and conditions this woman did, she did nothing against the law,” officials said. “And in the future she might choose to return to the same area. Resources were made available to her should she decide to use them.”

What else do we know might have motivated her choice to live on grass for so many months?

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A teen stabs five people dead in a daycare center attack


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Dow futures bounce, tech shares rebound after sell-off

U.S. stock futures rebounded on Wednesday following a session defined by major weakness in technology stocks.

Dow futures added 79 points and S&P 500 futures gained 0.4%. The biggest gains were with futures on the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100, which bounced 0.6%.

Major tech shares rebounded in early trading. Apple and Tesla gained about 1% each after falling 3.5% and 1.7% respectively on Tuesday.

The S&P 500 wiped out Monday’s gains, dropping 0.7%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the day up about 20 points after dropping more than 300 points at one point Tuesday.

There are a number of possible reasons for the downward pressure.

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How did a Belgian farmer manage to move the French border?

Erquelinnes, Belgium, is at the center of a border mishap with France.
Image Source: Virginie LeFour/Belga/Sipa USA

A Belgian farmer recently found himself in quite a predicament, when he ended up moving the French border. 

The Belgian/French border spans 390 miles, and a portion of it just so happens to run through the farmer’s land. Boundary stones were placed on the land in 1819 to mark the border, shortly after the defeat of Napoleon. The stones, with the year 1819 inscribed on them, have stayed in place ever since. 

That is until a farmer decided they were in his way and he wanted to move them to a location that was more convenient for him. By relocating the stones, Belgium gained about 1,000 square meters of land. When the accidental land grab was discovered by authorities, Belgium officials found the entire incident hilarious. 

But how did French officials respond when they were notified about the border’s relocation?

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What to expect and how to prepare for returning to class after lockdown

Due to the sudden shutdown of schools across the country, most students and teachers have engaged in some form of remote learning. While the transition to online learning was relatively smooth for districts where students already have their own electronic devices, the digital divide has reared its head elsewhere.

When school does resume, it seems reasonable to expect two things: students will have made varying degrees of progress academically. Educators will see a similar effect to what is known as the “summer slide.” This is an expected slip in progress due to being out of the classroom over the summer. Educators can use their understanding of this slide to prepare for when students return to the school. 

Also, keep these factors in mind as likely influencers on students and school communities in the coming months.

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Your budget needs a summer makeover, too! Here’s how to do it

A row of ice cream cones
Image Source: Looking After Your Pennies

As restrictions relax and we all get our vaccines, many of us are looking forward to a slightly more “normal” summer. But while you get your beach bikini on, you might want to make sure your budget isn’t feeling left out of all the fun.

There are actually a lot of things to tweak when summer rolls around. Winter generally means more time indoors, chomping on comfort food, and burning through our cash to heat our homes. Summer, on the other hand, is about getting outdoors and making the most of the weather.

Therefore, you should adjust your spending habits accordingly. Here’s how to give your budget the summer makeover it deserves.

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