A shooting in downtown San Diego has left one dead and multiple people injured

A shooting in downtown San Diego has left one dead and multiple people injured
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A shooting in downtown San Diego has left one dead and multiple people injured

San Diego police on the scene of a fatal shooting Thursday night downtown
Image Source: CNN

The wave of gun violence and fatal shootings that has recently plagued our nation continued last night. This time, it played out in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. Now, one person is dead and several others are injured, according to the San Diego Police Department. 

Police first responded to the area downtown at about 10:30pm. While we know for sure that one person was shot and killed and the suspect is currently in custody, there are many details that we still don’t know. 

And that includes the total number of victims and injuries. 

This is a breaking news story, so you can stay tuned for new developments as more of the facts and information pour in right here.

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Stock futures point to a market rebound

Futures contracts tied to the major U.S. stock indexes were higher Friday morning as investors prepared to end a down week for equities amid concerns the White House could seek a hike to the capital gains tax.

S&P 500 futures rose 0.2%, while contracts tied to the Dow Jones Industrial average gained 50 points. Nasdaq 100 futures gained 0.2%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 300 points by the end of regular trading yesterday. At its low of the day, the blue-chip benchmark fell 420 points. The S&P 500 erased earlier gains and closed 0.9% lower, while the Nasdaq Composite slid 0.9%.

Week to date, the S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq are down 1.2%, 1.1% and 1.6%, respectively.

Before the tax news hit, major averages were trading slightly higher as investors sifted through generally positive corporate earnings and economic data.

What else should you know?

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Check out this list of 109 things to do on a no-spend weekend

A cup of tea.
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Five effective homeschooling tips for parents

Since the beginning of the pandemic, schools have intermittently been in session. This leaves parents struggling to figure out how to navigate homeschooling. Parents are encouraged to engage their kids and continue their education. 

However, homeschooling kids is not as easy as it sounds. From gathering teaching materials to setting a daily schedule, homeschooling can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. For parents scrambling with homeschooling ideas, here are five practical homeschooling tips that can help you get your wits about you.

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Today is William Shakespeare’s birthday! But did you know he also died on this day?

William Shakespeare
Image Source: History.com

William Shakespeare’s birthday is celebrated on April 23, but did you know that the famed playwright and author also died on this day?  

Due to a lack of records and information surrounding his birth, Shakespeare’s exact date of birth is actually unknown. The reason his birthday is observed on April 23 is because of a record of his church baptism occurring on April 26. It was customary during that time for a baptism of a newborn to take place three days after birth, thus leading historians to believe that today is the day that he was born. 

Shakespeare led quite the interesting life with a complicated marriage and family background to match. Though he faced quite a few challenges, that did not stop him from ultimately becoming the playwright with the most theatrical works performed in history. 

Shakespeare passed away at the early age of 52 of unknown causes. His will fell in line with the unconventional way he lived his life as many were surprised with what he left his daughter and wife.

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Beloved actress Shirley Temple was born on April 23

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