A nearly 3-week long volcano eruption just took an unexpected turn

A volcano in Iceland that has been erupting for nearly three weeks took an unexpected turn this week.
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President Joe Biden is set to reveal executive orders on gun control today

David Chipman, retired ATF Special Agent
Image Source: Reuters

Today the president will release a package of executive orders aimed at curbing gun violence in this country, a move that gun control advocates say hasn’t come fast enough. The announcement marks President Joe Biden’s first move on the gun control issue since he was sworn in.

He is also slated to recommend former federal agent David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Chipman previously worked with the gun control group known as Giffords, and his confirmation would make him the agency’s first permanent director in six years.

Today’s announcement follows a string of mass shootings in this country.  What, exactly, should you expect from the executive orders?

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Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street legend.
(Barron’s crowned his hedge fund as the “world’s best” and Kiplinger ranked it in the top 1%.)
But a few years ago, he left Wall Street.
“I just grew tired of helping the rich get richer,” Paul explains. “So I started sharing my
No. 1 investment picks with Main Street Americans.”

And his No. 1 stock picks across his various research services have been phenomenal.
In 2017, he recommended Plug Power. It gained 1142% in 3.5 years.
In June 2018, he recommended Tandem Diabetes. It’s currently up 520% and still climbing.  
In December 2019, he recommended Enphase Energy. It gained 638% in 1 year. 
And in March of last year, he recommended Carvana. It’s currently up 877% and still climbing.
But Paul believes his No. 1 stock pick for 2021 could go even higher.

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Your morning market update

U.S. stock futures were mostly higher Thursday after the S&P 500 eked out another record closing high as minutes from the Federal Reserve’s March meeting showed policymakers’ commitment to support a full economic recovery.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average on Wednesday also saw a small gain but not enough for a record close.

The Nasdaq dipped even as Amazon, Apple and Alphabet climbed more than 1% and Facebook jumped 2.2%. The 10-year Treasury yield, still under 1.7% early Thursday, has been rather steady recently after a run of 14-month highs in March.

What else should you know for today?

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A nearly 3-week long volcano eruption just took an unexpected turn

A volcano in Iceland that has been erupting for nearly three weeks took an unexpected turn this week.
Image Source: Phys Org

A volcano in Iceland that has been erupting for nearly three weeks took an unexpected turn this week. 

In a new twist, lava is now flowing from a third fissure that opened up. The new development was surprising because experts initially projected the volcano’s eruption to last only a few days to a week. But the volcano has been actively erupting since March 19, with new lava streams opening each week. 

This week’s new lava stream opened up practically overnight. Officials had to close the area to the public this week because the new volcanic activity drew thousands of onlookers. 

Just how big is the new lava stream and is it threatening any nearby areas?

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You can learn these skills and hacks in under ten minutes

It takes time to build up the habit of exercising. You won’t become a proficient cook without a lengthy trial and error process. You won’t paint magical masterpieces overnight. Learning to operate a new program on the computer will give you a few headaches. Most life skills aren’t learned in a day. 

However, for every rule, there is an exception. There are some nuggets of knowledge that you can pick up quickly right now to help you along the way. Here are ten skills you can learn in ten minutes.

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Old-fashioned money ideas that you can still use

A person budgets his money.
Image Source: ako/Twenty20

You know the old saying: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This also applies to budgeting and saving techniques.

Some old-fashioned ideas about finances can still save you money. One strategy is to pay cash for everything. Using a card is quick and easy—which is why it’s dangerous. When using your debit or credit card, you might not have a good grasp of how much money you’re really spending. 

Parting with cash, watching it leave your hands, and resisting the temptation to withdraw more leads to better saving in the long run. Not only will you be more aware of your spending, but you’ll also be more likely to budget carefully. 

Here are more tips you can still use.

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