A coffee shop robbery “went bad” and four cops are hurt

A coffee shop robbery

Apparently an attempted coffee shop robbery “went bad” on Thursday, leaving four cops (and one of the suspects) wounded, officials say.

The incident occurred on Thursday, in a New Mexico café. The details surrounding the ordeal are still sparse, but one of the officers was shot in the chest, while another was struck in the arm. A third cop’s bulletproof vest protected him from the bullet. And the last injured official was hit by glass. 

One of the responders is now in critical condition, while another is in surgery. 

“Police families should never have to receive the calls they’re getting today,” the Albuquerque Mayor said in response. “We’re asking our entire community to have their backs and the backs of every officer who worked to find the suspects and bring them to justice after this senseless act of violence.”

What do we know about the suspects so far?

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